Integrated Plant Management (IPM)

Integrated Plant Management (IPM) is an integral part of Plant Health Care.  IPM is a program of strategic monitoring for the purpose of increasing and maximizing the health and vigor of plants in their environment while minimizing chemical intervention.

An onsite Plant Health Care and IPM Program allows greater flexibility in treatment and choices regarding Plant Health Care.  A once-a-week site visit gives an Arborist or Certified Technician the ability to recognize specific plant concerns and develop a targeted treatment plan to address those concerns.  This proactive approach to Plant Health Care is cost effective because our Arborist or Certified Technicians can diagnose and treat small concerns BEFORE they become large concerns.

Integrated Plant Management


Arbor Tree Service IPM Program

Our Integrated Plant Management program addresses pruning, watering, and nourishment requirements, along with insect and disease control.  This has a valuable advantage regarding pesticide usage as it limits that usage to only what is needed.  Another advantage is the onsite availability of the Arborist or Certified Technician to answer your questions and discuss your IPM Program on a regular basis.

Working closely with you and your staff to ensure timely and appropriate treatment for your landscape is the top priority of Arbor Tree Service.