Winter Tree Watering Tips

Snow and winter can be hard on trees and shrubs. Winter brings dry conditions that can have a negative impact on the trees in your garden. During winter, it is important to be extra cautious while taking care of the trees and shrubs in your garden. It is important to water your plants properly during the winter in order to combat the dry conditions during this time. Here are a few tips on winter … [Read More...]

Native Michigan Trees

The state of Michigan is heavily forested. In fact, more than 50% of Michigan is covered in forests and there are vast stretches of forests covering the landscape. There are different varieties of shrubs and Native Michigan Trees and the forest department is especially meticulous when it comes to monitoring these trees as the chances of these trees being damaged by diseases, insects, and other … [Read More...]

Tips For Hiring the Right Tree Professional

If you are planning to hire a tree professional to take care of your trees this winter, then you should know that tree care is quite a complex procedure. Proper expertise is necessary to make sure that the trees are safe and sound. Also, working on huge trees can be a risky business, especially if it involves someone climbing up a ladder. Proper training comes in handy. Here are some tips … [Read More...]

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