Winter Tree Preparation

Trees are quite strong. However, they aren’t strong enough to deal with the forces of nature. Though they have the capacity to handle every kind of weather under the sun, there are times when extreme weather can get to them. Winter tree preparation helps keep your trees looking and growing exceptionally well during the harsh freezing temperatures. Winter happens to be one of those seasons. So, if … [Read More...]

Fall Fertilization

Fall is creeping closer, and that means it is about time to start thinking about fertilizing your yard for the non-growing season. Fall fertilization can be very important for your yard, especially with the winters that we have here in Michigan. The first thing you need to know about commercial fertilizer is that it has a formula made up of 3 numbers, the most common of which is 5-10-5. The first … [Read More...]

The Landscaping Pros

Now, you’ve often heard about people talking about the landscaping pros for their lawns/gardens. But, have you ever thought to yourself why they do it? Well, if you have, you’re obviously looking for answers. Luckily for you, we’ve got the answers right here. When it comes to the benefits, there are 4 key areas that these benefits can be divided into. This includes Economic, Environmental, … [Read More...]

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