Our Company


ARBOR TREE SERVICE was established by Daniel Milliken in 1995 with three people, my dad’s Ford F150 pick-up truck and a lot of drive and determination. In the twenty-two years since, ARBOR TREE SERVICE has grown from one truck to a fleet of trucks, specialized equipment and now leading the standards in the tree care industry. Further, we will strive to upgrade the standards of arborculture and encourage others to follow our principles.

Today ARBOR TREE SERVICE employs over 25 people in Southeastern Michigan. ARBOR TREE SERVICE is a dynamic and progressive company, dedicated to maintaining our environment into the next century.

I am proud of the company, our employees, and the standards and methods we maintain. We will strive to uphold and honor the dignity of our profession and improve the quality of life through increasing our knowledge and skills in the management of the trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants entrusted to our care.

As a father of two small children I believe we must do everything within our power to preserve and maintain our environment for the next generation. I recognize that the air we breathe, our pure drinking water, the aesthetic pleasure of landscape beauty, the sounds we here, even the earth, are dependent on and profoundly affected by healthy trees, shrubs, and other landscape.

I invite you to join our team of happy customers and welcome your comments, questions or suggestions.

Daniel Milliken,


Our Mission

To maintain and beautify the world around us… residential property,commercial property, or the town you live in.

To provide you, our customer, with the best service available anywhere.