How To Protect Your Trees During Winter

Winter Tree Protection

Winter can be harsh on the trees and shrubs in your garden. In some cases, heavy snow or ice can cause significant damage to your trees. In addition, the soil repeatedly freezes and thaws and this can have a detrimental effect on the roots of the plants. It is important to properly protect your plants against the harsh conditions brought about by winter. If you read our, Winter Tree Preparation blog post, you might be already set for these cold temperatures. If you didn’t here are some winter tree protection tips the rest of this winter.

It is a fact that healthy plants are more likely to make their way through the winter without much damage. Young or old plants stand a risk of damage. This means that you have to take proper care of your plants right before winter. Make sure that there are no damages to the trees, that they receive sufficient sunlight, and nutrition.

Prevent pruning after midsummer since pruning can stimulate new growths. These new growths do not have what it takes to protect themselves in the winter. This takes us to the second winter tree protection tip, hydration.

Constant watering
Winter brings dry conditions and your plants must be constantly watered so that they do not get dehydrated. It is important to monitor how much water each plant needs and to water accordingly. Too much or too little water can be harmful to the plant. Also, while watering, it is advisable to use a water hose and to wet the soil so that the plant can retain the moisture.

Insulating the soil
During extreme conditions, the ground freezes up. In such cases, it is important to insulate the base of the plant with some kind of mulch such as bark mulch. The insulation prevents the ground from repeatedly freezing and then thawing. This ensures that your tree stays protected. While applying the mulch, keep it a few inches away from the roots in order to prevent rot.