Winter Tree Preparation

Winter Tree Preparation

Trees are quite strong. However, they aren’t strong enough to deal with the forces of nature. Though they have the capacity to handle every kind of weather under the sun, there are times when extreme weather can get to them. Winter tree preparation helps keep your trees looking and growing exceptionally well during the harsh freezing temperatures.

Winter happens to be one of those seasons. So, if you want your trees to survive and stay in good shape, you will need to sign up for what is known as fall preparation. Here is what it entails.


For starters, fall preparation involves fertilization. The transition from summers to colder seasons affects your trees in many ways and causes changes. For instance, they begin to lose nutrition and minerals that are necessary for their longevity.

So, to ensure that nothing that their nutrition levels are steady, you need to fertilize them during the fall. This increases their resistance to the cold winter chill, which can be damaging.

Snow Preparation

This is very important if your region is known for heavy snowfall like right here in Michigan. The process entails pruning and grooming. By pruning and grooming your trees prior to the winter season, you are preparing them to deal with frosted tips and cold weather. That is why winter tree preparation is important for your trees to have done before it gets too cold.

This is best done during the fall because most of the leaves have already fallen, making the overall process easier and faster.


The third part of fall preparation is hydration. Since winter is an extreme weather, it can affect your trees’ ability to source enough water and moisture. However, their needs still remain the same even in winter. So, to prevent your trees from suffering from thirst, make sure you load them up with water while they can still spruce them from the ground.

Fall preparation can allow your trees to stay healthy through the long winters and keep them fit enough for as long as possible.