Why Tree Pruning Is Important

Tree Pruning makes a lot of people ask why trees need to be pruned and, quite often, they are met with this common reply – aesthetics. If you were to ask the average person why they prune their trees, they would tell you that it enhances the appearance of their home.

However, that’s not the only reason why tree pruning is important. If you are in the “Should I prune my trees and why?” camp, here are a few more compelling reasons.

Tree Pruning impacts growth

Pruning has a large role to play in determining how a tree grows. If done by a professional, the tree can be made to grow in a certain way. This offers a ton of benefits. For instance, it protects the structural integrity of the tree. More importantly, by setting up your tree to grow in a particular direction or angle, you also enhance safety. It’s not uncommon for branches to fall from trees that aren’t pruned and falling branches can land on your property, vehicle or even on a person. A tree that is pruned will not have branches that are at risk of falling or poor weight distribution.

To stimulate fruit growth

If your tree is the fruit producing kind, you’ll need it to be pruned in order for better fruit production. Pruning involves removing dead branches, which boosts the overall health of the tree. You won’t have to bother with diseases or infestations of any sort.

Other than that, you will also find that spur growth increases with pruning, which stimulates fruit production as well.

To prevent further spread of an existing disease

Trees also contract diseases and sometimes they can spread throughout the tree. However, by pruning off dead branches, you can put an end to the spread. In essence, not only are you preventing disease with pruning, you are also treating it.