Feed your Trees with Root Zone Fertilization

Root Zone FertilizationFeeding your trees and shrubs is a critical component of an effective landscaping plan because trees and shrubs, similar to the human body, require essential minerals and nutrients to grow, stay healthy and thrive.  These minerals and nutrients also help them fend off disease, insects, withstand drought and encourage longevity.

In their natural forest environment, the decomposing leaves and wood provide these necessary nutrients.  However, on our residential and commercial properties we have the tendency to remove this “debris” – and literally withhold from our trees & shrubs these much needed nutrients.

Root System Stress

In addition to the reduced levels of minerals & nutrients being absorbed by root systems, stress is negatively impacting their growth and overall health.  This stress may be induced by compacted soils, air pollution, road salts, poor drainage, competition with turf grasses or external barriers such as streets, foundations or sidewalks.

Root Zone Fertilization

Providing supplemental nutrients — as a natural food replacement — to confined root zones, helps trees develop better root systems to deal with these adverse impacts.   Root Zone Fertilization is perhaps the most effective method to fertilize trees. This process injects a water and fertilizer mixture — under high pressure — approximately 4-8 inches below the soil surface.

There are many advantages to root zone fertilization.   Injecting to this depth bypasses much of the turf grass roots and places the nutrients into the root zone where most of the absorbing roots grow.  The high pressure injection forces the water & fertilizer mix throughout the root zone, which not only feeds all the roots, but also reduces soil compaction and encourages additional root zone aeration.

As your tree and shrub experts, we strongly recommend fertilizing your trees and shrubs on a regular, programmed plan.  At Arbor Tree Services we use organic fertilizer that slowly releases its nitrogen over an entire growing season, thereby maximizing the health of your trees.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.  We will be happy to help!