Insect and Disease Management for Trees in Michigan

They're more than a nuisance.  They can restrict the flow of water and nutrients in your trees.  They can cause damage to the branches and trunks, a wilting of the leaves, defoliation, decline and even death.   Whether on commercial or residential property, insects and diseases can significantly threaten overall tree health.

Common species of insects that frequently cause problems in southeast Michigan include aphids, black vine weevils, bronze birch borers, emerald ash borers, and Japanese Beetles to name just a few.  There are many species of insects that can do signifcant damange to many different tree species throughout our state.

Arbor Tree Service — Michigan Certified Arborists

Arbor Tree Service is dedicated to protecting the environment and we believe the best approach to plant health care is to proactively manage insect and disease related issues.  If these issues are treated early, then the amount of chemical intervention is minimal.  If insect and disease problems have gotten out of hand, Arbor Tree Service will always recommend the least invasive treatment program needed to get your situation under control.

The most effective means to ward off insects and disease is to maintain a tree in good health.  However, even healthy trees can develop pest-related problems.  With certified arborists on staff, Arbor Tree Service will work with you to first accurately identify the pests – and then, once identified, will recommend the best treatment option.

What You Can Do — Visual Inspections

As you mow the lawn or work in the yard this summer, perform a visual inspection of each of your trees.  Your trees, afterall, are likely your most precious landscaping assets.  If you notice any abnormalities in the appearance of your trees, please contact Arbor Tree Service to assess the problem and make treatment recommendations.