Michigan — Home to Abundant Natural Beauty!

With wild fires currently devastating thousands of acres in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s a reminder (albeit a tragic reminder) that Michigan is home to abundant natural beauty – in the form of lakes, beaches – and, of course, trees.

First, an update on the wildfires:

Citing “cooler temperatures,” the Michigan Department of Natural Resources states that significant progress is being made in the battle against a wildfire that has consumed over 21,000 acres in the UP.  As you can imagine, however, the damage is extraordinary.  Out of the 132 structures burned in Luce Country as of Wednesday afternoon, 46 of them were homes, making it the third worst fire in Michigan history.  "The buildings are one thing, but then when you look at the landscape and all the trees and the total devastation, the total change of scenery, that's what's really going to be the long-lasting thing," said Richard Robinson who lost both his motel and home in the wildfire.

Michigan Timberland – 5th Largest in USA

Here's a statistic that may surprise you.  According to the Michigan DNR, Michigan is a state rich in forest resources.  Its 19.3 million acres of forest land cover 53 percent of the State, with 18.6 million considered timberland.  Timberland acreage is the fifth largest in the United States.  I bet you didn't know that!

Trees Aboundant in the UP

In a 1998 article entitled “Questions Fourth Graders Ask about Trees,” Bill Cook of Michigan State University writes that there are approximately 5.7 Billion trees in the Upper Peninsula (according to a 1993 forest inventory) – or put another way, one tree for every person in the world!
The Upper Peninsula has between 37 and 90 native tree species, with the most common tree being the Sugar Maple. 

Arbor Tree Service

Located in Attica, Michigan, Arbor Tree provides residential and commercial tree service for customers throughout Oakland County, Michigan.  With certified arborists on staff, Arbor Tree offers university-trained certified arborists and horticulturists to inspect and diagnose the condition of your trees and shrubs and propose a program specifically for your needs.

Don't take our landscape and beauty for granted.  Enjoy and explore it everyday.  Afterall, our state is a gem of natural beauty.