Storm Damage Repair in Michigan

We've heard it many times over that April showers bring May flowers.  In Michigan, however, they also bring with it the possibility for major spring storms, even tornados.  According to Michigan’s Emergency Management Division, most tornadoes occur in Michigan in April, May, June and July.  Violent winds, lightning – or even heavy ice storms (remember, this is Michigan) – can result not only in damage to homes, power lines and commercial buildings – but they can also result in significant tree damage.

Tree damage may come in several different varieties – frequently classified as branch wounds, trunk wounds and root wounds.

Storm Damage Repair

Fortunately, small trees or those with minimal damage can usually be restored by pruning the dead, dying or damaged limbs.  Larger trees, however, may require the expertise of trained professionals.  Trees with severe tree bark damage, or trunk damage, may need to be removed.

It’s also important to treat root wounds.  Injured roots can weaken the foundation of trees.  Unfortunately, this too may require tree removal. 

Remember, for minor storm damage tree repair, simple pruning may be all that’s necessary to remove branches or tree bark damage.  Call in a professional, however, for those more difficult jobs or for a free consultation to understand the full extent of the damage and the steps necessary for clean-up and tree repair and/or removal.

When more sustained damage occurs on your property, it is important to possess the right equipment and experience to safely remove dangerous trees which fall on homes, cars and other structures.

Certified Arborist

Please give us a call at Arbor Tree Service.  We are here to assist you when storms do occur.  We are available around the clock to help minimize and clean-up the damage.  With a certified arborist on staff, we will come out and assess the storm damage to your trees and explain the best way to repair the tree if it is salvageable.