Stump Grinding, Stump Grinders and More

Perhaps the tree roots on your residential or commercial property are threatening sidewalks or foundations.  Perhaps you want to prevent the infestation of bees, wasps or hornets.  Whatever the case, tree removal (and stump grinding) may be necessary.

Once a tree has been removed and a stump is left behind, it will likely result in an unsightly and inconvenient addition to your landscaping. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get rid of the stump is to grind it down using a stump grinder.

If a stump is too large, it may have to be trimmed down before the stump grinder is applied to the remaining stump.  This can be done with a chain saw.

Stump GrinderStump Grinders

Some people attempt to grind the stump themselves by renting a stump grinder for the day.  This is a popular option.  However, it must  be noted that a stump grinder is difficult to operate without proper training.

Others pay a landscaping company to do the work for them.  Here at Arbor Tree Service, we have several different stump grinding machines.  We have self propelled portable stumpers for fenced in areas such as back yards.  We also have "pull behind" grinders for easy access to front yards, and LARGE stump grinders for land and lot clearings.

Most stumps are ground to 6 inches below the soil line.  When done properly you should be able to plant where the stump once was.